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Doc Rivers ends Lakers speculation, affirms commitment to Clippers

Doc Rivers didn’t need long to end the rumors of him becoming the next Los Angeles Lakers head coach. A day after veteran reporter Peter Vecsey sparked speculation about the Lakers potentially hiring Rivers, the Clippers head coach affirmed his commitment to his team. Doc told reporters on Tuesday that he is “going nowhere,” and added that he has a new contract extension. Rivers’ original deal apparently called for an opt-out after this season, which the coach could have exercised to take anothe...

Report: Astros, Alex Bregman agree to $100M extension

The Astros have agreed to terms on a six-year, $100 million contract with star third baseman Alex Bregman, reports Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston (via Twitter).  That contract covers the current season, three arbitration years and what would’ve been the first two free agent seasons for Bregman. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal had tweeted not long before that the two sides had been discussing an extension. Bregman, 25 at the end of the month, has rapidly ascended from No. 2 overall draft pick (2015) ...

Raiders to sign Vontaze Burfict

The Vontaze Burfict-to-Oakland rumors turned out to have legs. The Raiders met with Burfict on Tuesday and are signing the veteran linebacker, Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of report (Twitter link). It’s a one-year deal. The Raiders have since announced the move. Despite a polarizing reputation, the 28-year-old linebacker could roughly earn up to $5M on this deal, Rapoport tweets. Incentives are involved, and it’s unclear yet how much of $5M figure for which those account. A day after t...

Why you shouldn't watch this year's NCAA Tournament

There are lots of reasons to watch this year’s NCAA Tournament, no question. However, there are also some good reasons not to watch the games. Looking for a few good excuses to give your friends when they accuse you of being a no-fun spoil sport when it comes to brackets Look no further. Here are some legitimate arguments why you should not watch this year’s NCAA Tournament. The players still aren’t getting paid  Ah yes, this inconvenient truth rears its ugly head yet again. In 2010, CBS and Tur...

Former Steelers knock Ben Roethlisberger amid ongoing drama in Pittsburgh

Ben Roethlisberger is far from the first franchise quarterback to exercise influence in the locker room or even throw his teammates under the bus when things go wrong. There was a time when Peyton Manning had a penchant for that sort of behavior, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a passer the football establishment hails more for leadership prowess. But apparently there comes a breaking point, where personalities can clash too much and a quarterback ends up alienating those he has to work with. ...

Report: Robert Kraft gets offered deal that would see prostitution charges dropped

Robert Kraft and several other men who were involved in a prostitution sting in Florida last month have reportedly been offered a deal that would allow them to avoid being prosecuted. According to a report from Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal, Florida prosecutors have offered to drop the charges against Kraft and other defendants in the case if they admit guilt. The defendants would have to meet a number of conditions. “The proposed deferred prosecution agreement calls for completion of...