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Five MLB players in line for a big season

Whether were talking young prospects ready to put it together or lively arms set to live up to expectations, you should expect big things from these players....

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The five best shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL today

The guys covering the back end are even more vital to shutting down the passing game....

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The '20 PPG during the 2019-20 NBA season' quiz

A total of 27 players averaged 20 or more points per game during the abbreviated 2019-20 NBA season. How many can you name in five minutes...

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COVID-19 and sports: Latest updates across all leagues

While recent UFC bouts, WWE events, NASCAR races and golf tournaments offer a glimmer of hope that major sports may resume, the timeline for the return still remains up in the air. With news breaking so often, weve gathered the latest stories fans need to know....

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Every NFL team's most dynamic defensive star

Offense gets most of the attention in todays NFL, but defensive stars can be just as exciting. These dynamic defensive players stand out above the rest for their respective teams....

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National League DH: The good, bad and ugly

If MLB returns, some NL clubs are better prepared than others to adopt the DH, writes Yardbarkers Daniel R. Epstein....

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Why these NFL powers could sink in 2020

The Patriots, Packers and Rams could be in big trouble. Yardbarkers Chris Mueller, Sam Robinson and Michael Nania explain why....

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