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Top takeaways from Florida's nail-biting win over Miami

The 2019 college football season finally arrived on Saturday, and with the opening of the sports 150th season came a reminder of why everyone loves tuning in every week. An in-state rivalry battle between the No. 8 Florida Gators and unranked Miami Hurricanes provided plenty of thrilling moments and even a few surprises. Florida came into the game as favorites and ultimately came through when it mattered. Meanwhile, the Hurricanes proved that while the program might not be back quite yet, the fu...

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Top takeaways from Saturday's NFL preseason action

With seven games on the NFL preseason schedule Saturday, there was plenty to analyze. Top pick Kyler Murray rebounded nicely as the Arizona Cardinals played the Minnesota Vikings. His counterpart, Kirk Cousins, did not, but the Minnesota offense did see some fireworks, nevertheless. Later in the day, Jimmy Garappolo showed hes still pretty good, while the Houston Texans watched in horror as a top star went down with what appeared to be a bad injury. Oh, and the most shocking NFL news story since...

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How Colts can circle the wagons after Andrew Luck's stunning retirement

Week 3 of the NFL preseason has been eventful. There have been some big injuries. Young players have stepped up. In what has been the closest thing to true NFL action, there has been much to take away from this slate of games. But of course, Andrew Lucks surprise retirement has trumped everything that has happened on the field. Indianapolis finished 10-6 last year, and after another excellent offseason, the Colts were a hot pick to be the AFCs representative in the Super Bowl. Lets go step by st...

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Top takeaways from Friday's NFL preseason action

Just two games took place Friday night as the NFL preseason chugged along, but there was plenty to take away from the action. First, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted the Cleveland Browns down in Florida. Then a bit later the Detroit Lions hosted the Buffalo Bills in the Motor City. Both NFL preseason games offered highlights and lowlights as players did everything in their power to earn roster spots. This is what we learned from the two NFL preseason games Friday night. Clevelands front four is g...

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Texans waste prime opportunity to build around Deshaun Watson

Although six franchises have won Super Bowls under the current collective bargaining agreement, an overly simplistic measurement can divide them into three categories -- the team employing Tom Brady, two featuring a Manning (and outstanding pass rushes) and the three with quarterbacks on rookie contracts. The latter represents the modern games best get-rich-quick blueprint. The Texans found one of these shortcuts, with Deshaun Watson stabilizing their long-unsettled quarterback situation. But as...

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Believe the hype: Thanks to Baker Mayfield, Browns will win AFC North

The Cleveland Browns will win the AFC North this season. With apologies to my Yardbarker colleague Sam Robinson, theres no need to tamp down expectations in northeast Ohio this fall. Cleveland isnt perfect, but its better than most, and plenty good enough to win a division where no team is without warts. The biggest reason why is Baker Mayfield. His detractors can wring their hands all they want about his GQ interview, particularly the part where he said he was surprised the Giants selected Duke...

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'Blackballed'? Please. Here's why Carmelo Anthony has no place in NBA.

When Royce White said Carmelo Anthony was blackballed from the NBA this week, he raised a question thats fairly easy to answer: Why isnt Melo in the NBA Anthony is a 10-time All-Star, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and one-time scoring champ whos a no-doubt Hall of Famer. Hes also a 35-year-old power forward who doesnt rebound or play defense, and hes coming off a season where he played only 10 games despite being healthy. Melo is still popular, so his final season would be well received by f...

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