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Watch: Kurt Suzuki launches go-ahead HR in Game 2 of World Series

The Washington Nationals have developed a reputation this October for getting big hits in opportune moments. Kurt Suzuki continued that tradition on Tuesday night with a go-ahead home run in Game 2 of the World Series. Suzuki stepped into the batters box against Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander. While its a matchup many would expect Verlander to dominate, it was Suzuki who emerged victorious by launching a solo home run into the seats. MLB (@MLB) O...

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NFL Week 8 matchups: An insiders' guide

Yardbarkers Sam Robinson and Michael Nania go deep inside NFL games each week, focusing on key numbers and roster issues. GLOSSARY:DVOA (Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average):A method of evaluating teams, units or players in a comparative fashion. It takes every play during the NFL season and compares each to a league-average baseline based on situation. EPA (Estimated Points Added):The measure of a plays impact on the score of the game. It represents the difference between a teams expected point...

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Winners and losers from NBA's opening night

Some of hype for NBAs opening night doubleheader wore off when it was announced New Orleans Pelicans star rookie Zion Williamson was going to miss extensive time to injury. Even then, Williamsons Pelicans team put up a heck of a fight in an overtime loss to the defending champion Toronto Raptors. Later in the evening, the Lakers and Clippers renewed what had been a non-existent rivalry for the better part of the past two decades. The Staples Center was absolutely lit as Kawhi Leonard and Anthony...

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Winners and losers from Game 1 of the World Series

The 2019 World Series is underway and the Washington Nationals opened things up with a surprising 5-4 win over the Houston Astros. Everyone expected this game to be dominated by Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole. Instead, the two aces allowed seven total runs and each allowed eight base runners in the first five innings. Both teams brought the firepower thanks to MVP-caliber performances by star outfielders. While the Astros rallied for a late surge, the Nationals did just enough to hold on and steal...

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NBA Western Conference preview: Lakers among seven powerhouses

Yardbarker NBA writers Pat Heery and Sean Keane address the hottest issues in the NBA. This weeks topic: a Western Conference preview. (Goherefor their Eastern Conference preview.) Heery:The Western Conference is as loaded as it has ever been from top to bottom. Thirteen of the 15 teams have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs. The West is so stacked that the five-time defending Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors arent even a guarantee to make the playoffs. At the top of th...

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World Series storylines to keep an eye on

The 2019 World Series gets underway on Tuesday, Oct. 22, with the Houston Astros taking on the Washington Nationals. Here are the storylines to track entering the World Series. Nationals long layoff After sweeping the Cardinals, the Nats will have had a full week of rest between Game 4 of the NLCS and Game 1 of the World Series. While the rest could be good for players on the mend, like Victor Robles, the worry is that Washington will lose momentum after such a long layoff. Meanwhile, the Astros...

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NBA Eastern Conference preview: A Bucks-Sixers final?

Yardbarker NBA writers Pat Heery and Sean Keane address the hottest issues in the NBA. This weeks topic: Eastern Conference preview. (Goherefor their Western Conference preview.) Heery: For what seems like forever, the Eastern Conference has been inferior to the Western Conference. This season will be no different. That being said, the East actually has a pretty solid top 10 or 11 teams heading into the season, which tips off Tuesday. Every team that made the playoffs last season should be in po...

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