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Report: 'Mystery team' has the highest bid on Manny Machado

The presence or absence of so-called “mystery teams” — unidentified but active pursuers of a given player — has long been a subplot of the market for Manny Machado this winter. With the Phillies, White Sox and (to a lesser extent) Yankees known to be involved in the hunt, the question is whether other organizations would quietly help drive the bidding. Now, on the heels of some suggestive comments from Machado’s father, via Dominican journalist Hector Gomez, there’s clear reporting indicating th...

Will we ever grow comfortable watching Greg Hardy fight?

A giddy Greg Hardy (3-0), steps to the stage in a private room of the Marriott on 85 West Street in New York City. Unable to shelter his excitement, Hardy cracks a smile as he faces off with opponent Allen Crowder (9-3), the co-main event of the first UFC on ESPN+ 1 card — the first of a five-year, $1.5 billion deal between the two corporate conglomerates — which will be held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. As videos of the scene surfaced on social media, fans have since pushed back on Hardy’s f...

NBA players who are making the leap this season

The halfway point of the 2018-19 NBA regular season has come and gone, and contenders for playoff spots and individual honors are separating from pretenders. While the NBA Playoffs are roughly three months away, as of the typing of this sentence, it already appears the Most Valuable Player Award race will be a two-man affair, at best. Meanwhile, conversations about who should win Most Improved Player versus who observers believe will actually win that award should make for fascinating debates on...

College basketball's most underrated stars

Becoming a star in the 2018-2019 NCAA basketball season has been rather tough. If you watch just certain sports outlets, you would think the only true stars reside in Durham, North Carolina. Dukes freshmen have been getting a lot of publicity, which has put many of the other stars in the shadows. There are plenty of players who are having noteworthy seasons and are succeeding in the background. Some are unsung players on top-ranked teams, while others play off the power conference map and dont g...

Chiefs deserve more credit for overcoming shaky offseason to reach AFC title game

Gaining Super Bowl access as a fringe contender has been more difficult in this era’s AFC than it has in either conference throughout NFL history. The AFC in the 1970s and NFC in the ‘80s and ‘90s may have featured better teams, but the long odds facing the AFC franchises that did not employ certain quarterbacks during almost the entire 21st century are unparalleled. It took a catastrophic misplay to send an AFC team not quarterbacked by Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger to a Super...

Chris Paul still has no idea when he'll return to Rockets

Primarily due to the awe-inspiring play of James Harden, the Houston Rockets have been able to stay afloat with All-Star guard Chris Paul out of action. Paul, 33, has missed the past 13 games with a hamstring injury. Despite seeing his Rockets post a 9-4 record during that span, Harden simply can’t do it on his own. Now that Clint Capela is out for up to six weeks, that’s magnified even further. In talking about his return to the court, Paul sounded a bit optimistic. The future Hall of Famer als...