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Is the SplitFin Dead?

SplitFins are a unique design that seem to come in and out of fashion every few years. My first pair of Scuba Diving Fins were a pair of split fins and I loved them.  I think I still have them buried in a cupboard somewhere, they looked cool, I moved through the water easily, what more could you want in a fin As I moved my way up the dive industry and made scuba diving a profession I saw fewer and fewer SplitFins on the market and fewer at dive sites.  I was still seeing seasoned commercial dive...

Will the Tovatec Mera Change Scuba Diving?

The Tovatec Mera has arrived.  The Mera is basically a big dive torch that they’ve squeezed a camera into too.  For most divers this will be perfect because there’s nothing worse than trying to get a tonne of photo equipment in and out of the water. If you’re into your photography then most divers can tell. Huge cameras with a tray and arms all over the place holding lighting are cumbersome. And most recreational divers don’t want to carry all of that expensive gear around so roll on the Mera. ...

Q&A time with Simply Scuba!

So last week over on our YouTube community page we released a poll to all our subscribers asking one simple question and that question was whether they would be interested in doing a Q&A with Mark. With 538 votes counted 88% of those who voted said yes! So the ayes have the vote, but whats the next step Well at first we thought people could ask their questions to Mark on our community page or on our other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but we soon came to realise that might be a b...

Firmware Upgrades

Shearwater have release a firmware upgrade for the Teric dive computer as well as their NERD 2, Petrel, Petrel 2, Perdix, and Perdix AI. One of the best features of modern dive computers is that the manufacturer can offer upgrades on their dive computers that you can install at home for free. Shearwater Cloud You can download the Shearwater Cloud application program by clicking the link below and heading to Shearwaters website. Its free and works on Android, Apple. Mac and Windows machines. The ...

Win a Paralenz camera worth over £650!!!

We LOVE the Paralenz Dive camera+ here at Simply Scuba... Designed by scuba divers for scuba divers it got a big thumbs up during review from our resident scuba expert, Mark. An upgraded version of their sensational underwater camera it has a built in depth sensor that automatically adjusts the white balance as you go down and come back up so your videos and pictures dont go blue every time.       This version has also had a few upgrades, including an aerospace grade Aluminium body that increas...

Rule of Thirds

I was once diving on Elphinstone in the Red Sea, it was a pleasant dive, nice and warm so I was only wearing a Rash Vest. Id been down with my buddy around 50 minutes and we were winding down looking to make a final turn and head back to the boat. I crossed paths with a Dive Master from my Dive Centre at the time who was heading back to the boat, he glanced down to his gauges, looked at me and put a single finger up. He had only 10bar left. This was a few years back and sticks in my head as an e...