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Scuba News:

Daily Scuba News Round Up 12 - 18 May 2019

Sunday 12th - Mcdonalds plastic straw petition So remember back in the day when massive corporations pledged to help stop plastic pollution. For once there was positive change in the air, everyone was on board to do their part and help change and save the world. That was until people realised that paper straws suck, in a bad way when it comes to drinking a McDonalds milkshake. Monday 13th - Shipwreck to become an underwater museum Near the northern Greek island of Alonissos lies a remarkable a...

Tech Compare Suunto D5 Vs Shearwater Teric

Colour screen Dive Computers are becoming more and more popular because they are small enough for day to day use and the colour screen is intuitive.  The Shearwater Teric has been smashing it, cornering the market as one of the only colour screen watch-sized dive computers. that was until the Dive computer giant Suunto stepped in with their new D5 dive computer.   Teric Dive Computer D5 Black Dive Computer Features Quick Change Straps No Yes Gas Switching 5 3 Nitrox 0 to ...

Jellyfish Skin Tech

Researchers have turned to the wise jellyfish for inspiration on how to make a new material, but not just any material; a transparent, self-healing material. So jellyfish have been around for a little while now, believed to be in the region of 500 to 700 million years so they know a thing or two. Scientists from the National University of Singapore are looking to create a transparent, stretchable, touch sensitive and self-healing material that can be used in aquatic environments. And they’ve be...

Scuba Diving Conspiracy Theories

It’s time to don your tin foil hats people! Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and the YouTube algorithm loves them even more. Conspiracies can be fun as long as they don’t hurt anyone and in this modern age, you find all sorts of bloops and mysterious shadows in underwater footage that prove the existence of aliens and other stuff. While there isnt a great number of theories that involve scuba divers there are plenty that involves our mysterious oceans.   Scuba Ninja Assassin December 11th...

Coolest Scuba TV Shows

Scuba diving’s been around for a few years now and a lot of it is thanks to vintage diving TV shows. The underwater world was huge in the 50s and 60s and inspired a generation to get in the water and swim downwards. After the 70s and 80s the diving shows dried up a bit but today we’re going to be looking back at The Coolest Scuba Diving TV Shows and there have been a few… Sea Hunt Sea Hunt is the daddy of all scuba diving television shows. Filmed in black and white from 1958 to 1961 Sea Hunt ha...

5 Ways You Can Help Reefs

Coral reef is known as the rainforest of the sea in that they only cover a minute area of our oceans but are teeming with life. They’re also pretty handy to have around; absorbing around one-third of our CO2 and producing around half of the Oxygen on Earth. Coral is an animal but also farms tiny algae in a sort of symbiotic relationship. Now, there are a few important things you can do to help out or coral reefs and if enough people do these then they may stand a chance of outliving us humans. ...

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