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Scuba News:

Our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas - 2018

With Christmas not far away, here are some of our best picks for scuba presents this year. Whether you need to buy a present for a diver or your loved ones are asking you for ideas on what to get you this year, youll find a whole range of Christmas gifts for any diver, at any level, to suit any budget.   10. An oldie but goodie, the HangAir has always been a popular gift idea. If the diver in your life has a wet or drysuit then a Hangair will speed up the drying process and ensure it is com...

Immerse Yourself - The GO Diving Show

February 2019 sees the launch of a brand-new dive show, and it is shaping up to be an epic affair. With more than 58 speakers – and counting! – spread across no less than six stages, and a whole host of immersive experiences, it is going to be truly interactive day out for all the family.   BBC TV presenters Andy Torbet and Miranda Krestovnikoff, stars of Coast, The One Show and Beyond Bionic, are acting as comperes for the Main Stage, which will be hosting headline celebrities such as freedivi...

Diver Magazine's Retailer of the Year

As you can imagine, to win this award for the tenth consecutive year is a real honour. When I started Simply Scuba back in 1995 in a converted cowshed I never imagined we would even be a big scuba retailer let alone winning Dive Retailer of the Year for an entire decade. It is a real honour and achievement. As much as I’d like to take all the credit, we have a team of people with passion for diving who make us what we are today. Thank you to all our team in Faversham who continually work to impr...

Regulator Setup - 1st Stage

Regulator 1st stages typically come in one of three configurations with a couple specialised alternatives also thrown in the mix.  Swapping hoses and changing your hose configurations can be a pretty easy thing for you do do yourself at home for a more efficient setup.  The first thing you need to know is that most 1st stages are made from Chrome Plated Brass which is a Soft Metal so you have be careful not to overtighten hoses when fitting them.  Slipping or scratching your 1st stage is really ...

Celebrity/Famous Scuba Divers

Diving appeals to so many people and youll always be surprised when you bring up diving in conversation how many of us are out there.  Scuba divers are everywhere and of course youll find that many celebrities scuba dive either recreationally or have learnt for a role in a film.     Jessica Alba I loved it immediately, I was fearless.” Youll recognise Jessica Alba diving opposite Paul Walker in the film Into the Blue that featured scuba and freediving heavily. Jessicas mother was a lifeguard an...

Which Neoprene

All neoprene is the same right Just some are thicker than others Nope... The formula for modern neoprene has been tinkered and tweaked by so many manufacturers today and not all neoprene is made the same.  Like so many things in life today everybody has their own secret recipe and each is specialised for a certain task.   Original Neoprene Neoprene dates back to the 1930s and originally marketed as DuPrene but this was very different to what we would recognise as neoprene. In the early 50s an Am...

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