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Report: Carmelo Anthony’s reps begin seeking interested teams

Carmelo Anthony’s representatives appear to have given up on keeping him in Houston. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Anthony’s reps have begun to assess the league to try to find a possible landing spot for the forward. They are not having any discussions with the Rockets, and there appears to be no effort being made to figure out a way to let Anthony rejoin the team. Anthony, along with members of rival front offices, are reportedly surprised that the Rockets have given up on the Antho...

Marvin Lewis hints that Hue Jackson could return to Bengals

Hue Jackson and Marvin Lewis go back a long way, so when Teryl Austin was fired as Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator with Lewis taking up the role, some eyebrows were raised. Lewis did nothing to dispel the chatter about Jackson potentially returning to Cincinnati during his Monday press conference, when he refused to rule out bringing in the former Cleveland Browns coach to help run the team. The Bengals have an offensive coordinator in Bill Lazor, but there isn’t really anything stoppin...

Jalen Ramsey creates drama with tweet after Jags lose fifth straight

The Jacksonville Jaguars are imploding. They’ve lost five straight games as their once-stellar defense has fallen apart. And now Jalen Ramsey has sent fans into a frenzy with a cryptic message on social media. That’s not the kind of message the Jaguars want to be seeing right now, but the reactions indicate that perhaps many fans are over the drama.  And just maybe that most of them actually won’t miss him all that much....

Most important remaining college football games

You could make the case that Week One is the best time of the college football season. You could make the case that the Playoffs are the best time of the college football season. But there’s something about these final weeks of the regular-season slate — the weeks in which stakes reach their highest peak and when postseason hopes are dashed or realized — that feels more exciting than any other time. So buckle up because we’ve rounded up the games with the most on the line as the regular season c...

Todd Bowles escaped the midseason ax, but his future in New York looks grim

It’s been another dreary year for football in New York. With seven weeks remaining in the regular season, both the Jets and Giants already know they’re playing for draft position and future jobs. But while Big Blue has been a washout from the start in 2018, the Jets at least began the season with a spark of hope. The Jets opened with a lopsided prime-time win in Detroit in which rookie quarterback Sam Darnold looked sharp, minus a pick-six on his first career passing attempt. Consecutive wins in...

Nine MLB trades we'd like to see this winter

While much of the attention of the MLB offseason has been given to the next destinations for Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, there are plenty of other moves that could be made that would feature some of the game’s most exciting talents — who are still under contract. Headline trades can ultimately shape the direction of an offseason as much, if not more, than free agency does. Plenty of big names could be on the move this winter, some of whom could change the course of not only next summer but a...

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